Remind A Thing

  • Lower prices

    We found a way to offer more reminders for less! Check out our new packages and find out the what all the buzz is about!...

    Entered on Thu Aug 14, 2014 by trey melton
  • RemindanApp release

    We're proud to announce the beta release of our Android,Windows phone and Idevice supported app. Reach more people with our easy QR install process that allows your customers, or associates to easily download and keep up with anonymous announcements ...

    Entered on Wed Aug 13, 2014 by trey melton
  • RemindanApp

    Announcing RemindanApp! We're working diligently to bring you all the features of Remindathing in a convenient app. While the release notes are not available for public release right now, some of the broad view additions are as such:


      Entered on Mon Jul 21, 2014 by

Faster, more reliable communications capture and analysis.

With SMS, IVR Email, integrated calendar and smart device app communication vehicles we provide a bevy of methods for your users to keep up to date, or re-order services so that they can get back to doing what makes them tick. Using multiple interactive communications modes we combine the simplicity of a calendar and the flexibility to not simply remind you, but to confirm.

More ways to communicate

Our comprehensive reporting allows complex survey and questionnaire results to be delivered simply and easily to whomever needs them.

Polls, votes, and general interest

A company decision doesn't have to be made internally for those who receive your services or goods externally. Put it to a vote and let your customers be heard!

Affordable, extensible, customizable.

We service large groups or single proprietors. If you need a more flexible plan than we have listed on our services page, we can accommodate. contact us to see how we can help. Still not sure? Let's show you how it works.

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